Looking for hot oriental beach lolitas? How about topless with their sweet tits out and bronzing in the golden summer sunshine? Grab the lotion and stroke it to the motion of the ocean as our delicious Asian bikini model does what she does best - GETS BARE TITTY NAKED!
"I used to work for a modeling agency in Hong Kong, but one day I was at the beach and happened to meet an American photographer who said I had the looks to make it in the USA and I should come take some test shots with him. We met on the beach the next day and he took my picture. I wore my smallest bikini and he said I looked HOT..."
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"I've always had large breasts. Even as a young girl I had the biggest boobs in class. Many times the boys would make me cry by teasing me and calling me names and trying to touch my breasts. I even had a teacher once tell me I should let him see my bare nipples to make sure they were healthy! Can you imagine? I guess being a bikini model was in my future even then!..."
"Okay, I bet you TOO want to see my naked breasts, right? At first I was kind of shy posing topless or even fully nude, but after getting to the US and meeting my current modeling agent I learned it's no big deal. Many famous actresses and supermodels pose nude all the time so why not? And it pays a lot more than simple bikini modeling..."
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"There you go! LOL! Like them? I think I got some nice breasts. My friend's all call me a beach lolita, but I'm much more than some dumb bikini model. I want to sing and make an album of some of my songs. But if my being topless in pictures gets me noticed by people, than yes, I'll do it!..."
"Of course, I have done some more, eh, HARDCORE pictures since I arrived in the US. I had a blast because I am a VERY sexual person and the erotic posing was really fun. I never knew American's were so kinky! I just don't want my family back in China to find out because my poor old Granny would have a heart attack if the poor dear found out I was an XXX Asian bikini model, hehe....

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